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Acceleron Law Group
Acceleron Law Group
Acceleron Law Group
Acceleron Law Group
Acceleron Law Group
Acceleron Law Group

develop. empower. 



Experienced attorneys providing effective corporate, finance and business
legal services to start-ups, emerging growth, mid-market and mature Fortune 500 companies



Acceleron Law Group, LLP provides effective and efficient corporate transactional legal services to start-ups, emerging growth, mid-market and mature Fortune 500 companies.


Our objective is to use our extensive legal experience and to embrace technology in order to provide companies, investors and individuals with a high level of legal advice and services in an efficient and responsive manner to develop, empower and accelerate business, while putting in place a foundation for stability and growth. We provide our clients with practical legal and business advice by immediately integrating with the management teams and ingraining ourselves in their business and environment.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Counseling and Development

Equity and Debt Financings

Mergers and Acquisitions

Commercial and Technology Agreements

Strategic Partnering and Relationships

Director and Officer advisement


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